Friday, June 5, 2009

Summa summa summa

So, sorry I've been literally MIA forever... well, for the first month of summer at least.

Well, as to my life nowadays, I start my job on Monday again... woooooooo, wakin' up early, makin' that dough. Hopefully ole NASA will have more for me to do this time around than last summer so I don't have to resort to writing another novel. Which actually wouldn't be so bad. Let's just wait and see what God has in store for me.

Too bad Luke leaves tomorrow morning for Europe. :( Which is of course just too bad for me because he's going to freaking Europe (aka awesome)!!! I think his itinerary looks something like Netherlands, France, Netherlands, Croatia, then wherever the heck he wants to go in all of Europe for three weeks with his little bro. Pretty sick, huh? But he's going there for school for the first month, so it's not all just play... I'm helping him make a very important powerpoint presentation right now that he'll present in Croatia :) Human genocide and all that great stuff...

His mom keeps joking about all the nude European beaches he'll be able to visit while he's there. Sweet.

He just called me his little "blogger baby"... oh sigh =)

Tomorrow I think I'm getting a pedi with the madre and then chillin' for the rest of the weekend until I have to join the masses of employed citizens who don't sleep in until noon every day. Now that's a real sigh right there.

Anyway, I'll try to keep up more with my blog now that life is returning to somewhat normal after the scare with my dad... Promise.

Here's to safe travels for boyfriend tomorrow and fun work experiences at NASA soon to come...