Friday, June 5, 2009

Summa summa summa

So, sorry I've been literally MIA forever... well, for the first month of summer at least.

Well, as to my life nowadays, I start my job on Monday again... woooooooo, wakin' up early, makin' that dough. Hopefully ole NASA will have more for me to do this time around than last summer so I don't have to resort to writing another novel. Which actually wouldn't be so bad. Let's just wait and see what God has in store for me.

Too bad Luke leaves tomorrow morning for Europe. :( Which is of course just too bad for me because he's going to freaking Europe (aka awesome)!!! I think his itinerary looks something like Netherlands, France, Netherlands, Croatia, then wherever the heck he wants to go in all of Europe for three weeks with his little bro. Pretty sick, huh? But he's going there for school for the first month, so it's not all just play... I'm helping him make a very important powerpoint presentation right now that he'll present in Croatia :) Human genocide and all that great stuff...

His mom keeps joking about all the nude European beaches he'll be able to visit while he's there. Sweet.

He just called me his little "blogger baby"... oh sigh =)

Tomorrow I think I'm getting a pedi with the madre and then chillin' for the rest of the weekend until I have to join the masses of employed citizens who don't sleep in until noon every day. Now that's a real sigh right there.

Anyway, I'll try to keep up more with my blog now that life is returning to somewhat normal after the scare with my dad... Promise.

Here's to safe travels for boyfriend tomorrow and fun work experiences at NASA soon to come...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heart Attack

My poor dad had a massive heart attack Sunday. Thankfully, he is doing great now, but they literally had to revive him to keep him alive. Needless to say, scariest moment of my life thus far.

But let me just say, Parrish Medical is ridiculous. They called us last night around midnight to come in and take care of their patient because he was ripping out his IVs. Basically, I'm just really glad my dad's okay, but I'm pretty exhausted too. I think I've spent 10 hours a day at the hospital since Sunday.

All I have to say is, thank God this happened while I was home and free to help my mom, and thank God dad's okay.

Here's to getting to tell my dad happy birthday yesterday in person because he's still here with me to hear it... =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Can't Catch Up

Why the heck can't I just teach myself that going to bed is always the right thing to do? When in doubt, just sleep.

Anyways, life is good right now. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a girl who is going to sign my sublease! Pretty sweet, considering how stressed out I've been about it. And my parents paid for the discount I offered. No big deal. ;-)

I just finished cleaning my room and reorganizing my schedule. I think I've decided to try taking Spanish while I'm at home this summer. A really awesome-looking American Pop Culture in Literature class just opened up, and the teacher has spectacular ratings... so I'm excited for that.

Unfortunately, the circus class doesn't look like it will be fitting into my life next semester. I'm still trying and hoping against all hope that something magical happens and I find a way to make it work. But I don't think so.

I think I'm going to join FSU's Swim Club next year... sounds like fun/good regular exercise.

I don't really have much else to say. I had sort of a mini-breakdown today, but I think I'm over that now. My mom deposited $200 extra into my account without telling Pop because she said I sounded stressed on the phone... which I did. Luke had to hear the full extent of my stress though...

I thought about going out tonight, but I think I needed some me time. I feel weird.

I don't know what to here's to tonight...

Oh, I know. I'm really sort of obsessed w/ Robert Pattinson lately so...

Here's to Robby P, one fine, fine man...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do...

The circus was AMAZING!

We have a really kickass school. Seriously. We have a professional-standard circus!

And I'm really excited to try walking on next year to be a part of it someday. :)

My fav part: The flowery girls that did crazy acrobatics while swinging on ropes! So cool.

Hope everyone had as awesome of a weekend as me. Only 3 weeks left of school! Hang in there everyone!!

Here's to flying up, up, and away!

I Am Very Tired... In A Good Way

I am very sleepy tonight.

Relay last night was the start to my thus far exhausting weekend.

Then today I showed a girl my place for a potential sublease for the summer. Someone actually came to look!! And she seemed really interested, so I'm hoping she signs soon. :)

Then headed over to the Villa Del Lago pool party. And oh my goodness, were those people ready to party.

Oh, and one little tiny thing.

I met the man of my dreams.

He is Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson. Like, seriously. If anyone reading this who lives in Tallahassee ever sees him, you will know. He is like a perfect look-a-like... not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.

So, then it's back home for some food/showering for a night out on the strip. And who else do I run into there but EDWARD CULLEN!?!?! *Le sigh* If anyone has read the book or seen the movie, though, they know how the story goes... Ed has a g/f. Tragic.

So, after cancer fundraising, soaking up some much-needed sun at the pool, and a ton of booty shaking fun, I'm like fall-over exhausted. How I'm writing this I really don't know. And tomorrow I have to work the Circus (which I'm actually really excited about since I've never been to our renowned circus and I get to watch!!!), so pray for me. I need to run to the mall too... and oh yeah, write a 6 page paper. That'd be a good idea...

Here's to sleep, sleep, and oh yeah, more sleep :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Relay for Life

Relay for life was amazing. There are simply no other words to describe not only the awesome amounts of fun I had, but also the truly doing-my-part feeling I got while I was there. And I think I finally got some of the closure I needed during the beautiful luminary section of the night. RIP Jimmy. I love you very much, but you're still with me always.

Maybe I'll upload pictures later of Luke in drag reppin' the Lady Spirithunters! (What a brave boy.) Relay really was a ton of fun. Great food, great attitudes, great cause, new friends... very good life experience. Definitely plan on doing this again next year.

Help raise money to support the endless human search for a cure to cancer... Check!

Here's to anyone who has felt the effects of cancer in their lives, and especially to anyone who isn't afraid to help us all fight back against this terrible disease.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fall 2009

SPN1124 Elementary Spanish 1-2 MWF 11:15-12:05

SPC3331 Nonverbal Communication MW 12:30-1:45

SPC3301 Interpersonal Communication TR 12:30-1:45

ENL3334 Introduction to Shakespeare TR 2:00-3:15

ENG3014 Critical Issues in Literary Study TR 3:35-4:50

And I'm already tired. But would I have it any other way? Probably not. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Much To Say About Nothing

I'm going shopping!!!!!!

I really just want to run to the mall and buy everything I see, but I thought I'd take a moment to update this thing since I haven't in, oh, say 2 weeks.

Spring break was fun. (Read: Very relaxing.) I went to Cocoa Beach and Islands of Adventure with one of my favorites, Shelby. I also helped my poor little brother hobble around on one leg all week because he has a torn meniscus :(. Hopefully he gets that patched up real soon. I also ate a ton of yummy food, which really is the best standard by which to judge a vacation from poor college life.

Speaking of poor college life, I wasn't feeling that poor at all lately (what with my new weekly plasma income) UNTIL I lost my tax refund check for... get this... the EXACT same amount I spent to replace my camera! Down to the dollar! Isn't that weird? Luckily, the government will replace it since it wasn't endorsed, but it'll take a while. Plus, I'm pretty darn sure it's just sitting in my room hidden somewhere, I just can't seem to find it :(. So I'm giving myself until Monday before I mail off the lost form to the IRS. I suck.

But my persuasive speech on donating plasma went FANTASTIC! I don't know why, but I did a trillion times better with this speech than the last one. Maybe because I honestly believe it's a great cause =).

So, of course, since I had an awesome speech day Wednesday, Thursday had to fall into the pits. Like, literally, almost everything that could have gone wrong did. I lost my $187 check. So I balled. I found out I'm randomly missing a lot of points in my micro class and then my PRS clicker bugged out on me during class, so I missed more. And at the plasma center, when I'm trying to do good for others, I try my right arm for the first time (was my 4th visit) only to discover that my veins there are really deep. So, instead of switching to my left, the nurses tormented me for 20-30 minutes inserting, taking out, and reinserting the stupid needle. I've actually really gotten more used to needles since I started donating, but yeesh, not when they're sticking the same spot and fiddling with the damn needle so much.

Needless to say, Thursday sucked a big one.

Last night was fun, though. Pi Lam Platoon thing or whatever with some friends. And I randomly ran into someone from a class, which is always funny. And the ice slide was neat.

And now I have to complete my healing from Thursday by shopping til I drop! Woohoo! I have some giftcard things for PacSun, so you best believe I will be unreachable for the next few hours or so :D

Here's to always healing emotional pain with trite, materialistic purchases...

xoxo AshleyMarie

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Cause

Today I donated a part of my body for the first time ever.

I went to Biomat and gave away some of my plasma! It was a really interesting experience. I've never even given blood before here or back in high school when it was the cool thing to do.

They hook you up to a machine that takes in your blood for an hour, automatically separates the plasma from your blood, and then pumps the plasma-less blood back into you.

And, according to one of the nurses working there, plasma is a much better cause than blood donation (even though both are clearly important). She said that one bottle of plasma can save up to 7 lives since it can be used to make so many different kinds of medicine for people like hemophiliacs and sick children.

Anyway, she inspired me to do my persuasive speech on donating plasma. :)

Plus, they pay up to $65 a week for just two visits. It's beneficial to mankind and to my wallet. What more could a girl ask for?

I see a replacement camera in my near future... well, for sure since I just ordered one. So, more accurately, I see some replacement funds in my bank account. 

And on Thursday I get to cook for the families with sick children at the Ronald McDonald house! What a fulfilling week :)

Here's to donations that actually pay in more ways than one...

xoxo AshleyMarie

Monday, March 2, 2009

Donnie Darko

Glad I got to watch this classic tonight. I like movies that make you think. I don't have much else to say. I just wanted to remember how this movie made me feel.

xoxo AshleyMarie

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Digital Blues

I am very sad today because my brand new digital camera that my dad bought me for Christmas was stolen last night.

It might not have been stolen. It could be somewhere else hidden, but I really don't know where since I just tore apart my room.

I am heartbroken. I don't know what to do. If my dad finds out, he'll be very upset, but I can't really afford to replace it. 

I really liked that Christmas gift. It meant a lot for some reason.

xoxo AshleyMarie

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Live In A Cave!

So, tonight is my roommate's 21st birthday party and rather than get ready, I am of course choosing to blog.

I'm really excited because we decked out the house walls in a bunch of scrunched up brown paper so that it looks like a real cave! The theme is clearly prehistoric, so there are bound to be many cavemen and dinosaurs alike (and yes, I realize these two never did technically exist on Earth at the same time... it's a party, suspend your disbelief :D).

Well, now that I've blabbed about my excitement, I suppose I should head on over to the shower area so I'm not late to my own shindig!

Lots of love, fellas/ladies! Keep me posted on all the cool/weird things you're all up to these days. :)

Here's to transforming myself into a leopard!!!!!

xoxo AshleyMarie

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giraffes Are So Cute... Too Bad They Stink In Real Life

I'm pretty sure I'm dying a little.

I just don't understand it. I was sick like two weeks ago!! This is so annoying. I blame Tallahassee's atmosphere. Regardless, something is seriously up.

Micro test tomorrow! Woo! And, of course, I'm so sick that all I want to do is blog and facebook and other nonessential components of my life.

Hmm... I need to search my closet for some plaid. Or just ask the roomie for some new plaid I'm not sick of already. Why do girls get sick of clothes so quickly? Purely annoying.

Well, I have to go finish reading my second Micro chapter now so I don't bomb and fail tomorrow. Good news, though. I rocked a test I thought I failed, so that's a huge plus.

Here's to economics and a nastily sore throat looming in my very near future...

xoxo AshleyMarie

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Edward Edward Edward (No, Not Cullen)

This weekend was really just too much fun/productive. I'm not sure where to start.

I love love LOVE being a Lady Spirithunter! Saturday morning from 11-2 I helped re-paint the gold spears leading to the stadium where Chieftan and Pensacola meet. It was incredibly artsy/fun (I haven't gotten the chance to do many artsy things here lately) and so many people said thank you, which was really nice. It just feels good knowing I contributed to my school in such a lasting way. (And those spears really needed some touch-ups! 90% of the gold ones were almost completely gone!)

Then, I painted my first faces at a baseball game. The little kids that come all decked out in their Seminole gear are absolutely precious. I can't wait to get better so I won't feel bad painting fans over the age of 5. :)

And J's birthday party was so fun! I love meeting new people and getting to know others better. Edward 40hands is really one of the best games I've ever played. (Slightly ridiculous, but majorly fun.)

So, this weekend is why I love college. I got to make some wicked memories while also feeling good for the service I was providing my school. Now, if I could just bring that productive aspect into my homework portion of the pie, I'd be good...

(Warning--Crazy Boy-Obsessed Girl Rant Approaching: Oh, and the Oscars were FABULOUS! ... I only say this because I have an unhealthy obsession with Hugh Jackman--if you know me well you probably already knew that. I wasn't even going to watch, but luckily I turned the tv on just to see the beginning and wah-la, there was the man of my dreams serenading me via epic musical. Oh, how I adore him. *Le sigh* Probably why my homework department is slightly lacking tonight, eh?)

Well, here's to Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman both being majorly sexy and majorly out of my league! But I suppose that's the fun of it all, right?

Happy Monday! :D

xoxo AshleyMarie

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is the cutest kitty I have ever seen in my life. I'm in love...

That's it for now. Have a fabulous weekend :)

xoxo AshleyMarie

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snip, Snip, Snip

So, thus far, today consisted of absolutely nothing but random accomplishments that make me smile (and was completely devoid of any real accomplishments, like my piles of homework waiting for me to start in approximately five minutes--sad).

I got my hair trimmed! Which is cool, since it needed it pretty badly. I also got all the pieces necessary for my Lady Spirithunter getup--well, I could use some khaki pants still, but we can't win 'em all. And I got my new birthday tv from Best Buy!!! It's like... gigantic. I feel so spoiled. Thanks Daddy! =)

I really should be more thankful for all the beautiful love that surrounds me every day. New daily goal:  consciously be more grateful for my totally stellar existence.

I would love to write more (seriously, procrastination is like my #1 hobby), but I literally have about five assignments to complete before bed, so... here's to going to sleep around never!

xoxo AshleyMarie

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bubble Baths

I am oddly excited to officially start my first personal blog. I'm not sure if being this ecstatic is normal, but here goes!

I am very glad to have finally found a location for all the random thoughts that float through my head day in and day out. I feel like a very in-depth, personal entry is required, but I'm going to start my blog today with one of the world's simplest yet possibly most overlooked perfect little oddities: the bubble bath.

I happen to adore bubble baths. They are, however, only a very recent discovery for me. I know all you Pro Bubble Bathers out there are thinking I'm insane, but I seriously didn't realize how relaxing a simple tub of lavender-scented hot water could be until like... one month ago. I'm so glad I finally wised up and joined this little club.

Random, but true. Bubble baths could probably bring about world peace if we'd stop overlooking their immensely awesome potential. I know I never want to hurt anybody when I sink down into one.

So, here's today's little nugget of advice:  Next time you're feeling stressed out or a little blue, turn on the hot water, add a few suds, and let the bubble bath do the rest!

xoxo AshleyMarie