Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Cause

Today I donated a part of my body for the first time ever.

I went to Biomat and gave away some of my plasma! It was a really interesting experience. I've never even given blood before here or back in high school when it was the cool thing to do.

They hook you up to a machine that takes in your blood for an hour, automatically separates the plasma from your blood, and then pumps the plasma-less blood back into you.

And, according to one of the nurses working there, plasma is a much better cause than blood donation (even though both are clearly important). She said that one bottle of plasma can save up to 7 lives since it can be used to make so many different kinds of medicine for people like hemophiliacs and sick children.

Anyway, she inspired me to do my persuasive speech on donating plasma. :)

Plus, they pay up to $65 a week for just two visits. It's beneficial to mankind and to my wallet. What more could a girl ask for?

I see a replacement camera in my near future... well, for sure since I just ordered one. So, more accurately, I see some replacement funds in my bank account. 

And on Thursday I get to cook for the families with sick children at the Ronald McDonald house! What a fulfilling week :)

Here's to donations that actually pay in more ways than one...

xoxo AshleyMarie


  1. very interesting

    i have never donated blood; and i don't intend to do so in near future ( i guess i can use some if available :)

    but even then i enjoyed the post.
    how is the work on that persuasive speech?
    am i going to LISTEN it in near future?
    you got to be really good to convince me... so i might be a good check for you!

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  3. and i am seriously going to write something about it,

    P.S. we had a blood donation camp ( old fashioned ) last week.