Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Can't Catch Up

Why the heck can't I just teach myself that going to bed is always the right thing to do? When in doubt, just sleep.

Anyways, life is good right now. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a girl who is going to sign my sublease! Pretty sweet, considering how stressed out I've been about it. And my parents paid for the discount I offered. No big deal. ;-)

I just finished cleaning my room and reorganizing my schedule. I think I've decided to try taking Spanish while I'm at home this summer. A really awesome-looking American Pop Culture in Literature class just opened up, and the teacher has spectacular ratings... so I'm excited for that.

Unfortunately, the circus class doesn't look like it will be fitting into my life next semester. I'm still trying and hoping against all hope that something magical happens and I find a way to make it work. But I don't think so.

I think I'm going to join FSU's Swim Club next year... sounds like fun/good regular exercise.

I don't really have much else to say. I had sort of a mini-breakdown today, but I think I'm over that now. My mom deposited $200 extra into my account without telling Pop because she said I sounded stressed on the phone... which I did. Luke had to hear the full extent of my stress though...

I thought about going out tonight, but I think I needed some me time. I feel weird.

I don't know what to here's to tonight...

Oh, I know. I'm really sort of obsessed w/ Robert Pattinson lately so...

Here's to Robby P, one fine, fine man...



  1. missing circus?
    even now i find it funny.
    the other idea is good ... rather very good.
    I love water and swimming is awesome !
    and for robby....
    well I liked bella/ stewart more :)

  2. Psh, you're a dude, of course you liked her more. I'm sorry, though, but Robert is gorgeous.

  3. hmmm

    you got a point.
    no posts for a long time, exmas??

    coz thats why i am not writing.
    keep smiling.
    ( how you pronounce "psh" ?.. :)

  4. Psh = just sighing but with a p-s-h sound... I don't really know how else to explain that..

  5. :)
    i thought i got another nick !
    ( got a ton of nicks,:) )

  6. nick = nick name? (lolz)
    don't you got some ( smashley looks like one)
    college students have normally. :)
    ( psh is short form for my name...i use it to sign my LAN messages)

  7. oooooh... lol, no I meant it as a "psh" sound like "psh yeah right"... I guess it's an American thing...

    I do have lots of nicks.. Smashley is definitely the most popular these days :)

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