Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bubble Baths

I am oddly excited to officially start my first personal blog. I'm not sure if being this ecstatic is normal, but here goes!

I am very glad to have finally found a location for all the random thoughts that float through my head day in and day out. I feel like a very in-depth, personal entry is required, but I'm going to start my blog today with one of the world's simplest yet possibly most overlooked perfect little oddities: the bubble bath.

I happen to adore bubble baths. They are, however, only a very recent discovery for me. I know all you Pro Bubble Bathers out there are thinking I'm insane, but I seriously didn't realize how relaxing a simple tub of lavender-scented hot water could be until like... one month ago. I'm so glad I finally wised up and joined this little club.

Random, but true. Bubble baths could probably bring about world peace if we'd stop overlooking their immensely awesome potential. I know I never want to hurt anybody when I sink down into one.

So, here's today's little nugget of advice:  Next time you're feeling stressed out or a little blue, turn on the hot water, add a few suds, and let the bubble bath do the rest!

xoxo AshleyMarie


  1. hi ashley!
    i just finished writing my own blog.. ( and clicked on next blog and there we go your blog popped up..

    hmmm college student interesting ... u do picked some thing interesting to write.

    keep writing and write something about your college life.

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  2. I agree... I think bubble baths could bring about world peace. We should get the Israelis and Palestinians together over some lavender candles and warm bubbles :) Ok so it's a stretch, but worth a try right!?